Hazel Joy Alcantara

People - Issue 25

My enthusiasm with tattoos started in my teenage years! But unlike most young tattoo-lovers, I got mine at the age of twenty-two. My first tattoo was done from a friend of mine that was an apprentice back in 2012, Nick Pado. I was actually his first "skin" when using colours. It was definitely an unforgettable experience! 


Having so numerous tattoos, has affected me in various ways; both good and bad. I come from a very religious family, where body modification is believed to be "an abomination to God". So you know, so far, I'm the black sheep of the family! But despite the conflicts between religion beliefs versus tattoos, my family has accepted me as I am.

The one whom I'm always eager and nervous to show my new ink, is definitely my mom. Sometimes she would act like she hasn’t just spot the new tattoo, when other times she'll give me the same 115th lecture she has always given me about tattoos and what society would think about it. I don't blame my mom, she's the old-school one! 

I have an eight-year old daughter and it is very important for me to teach her about self-love, self-esteem, and body acceptance. We are raising her that people with any kind of body modification are just normal. That the person is just as “ordinary” as the teacher in her school. While other kids enjoy going to the zoo and amusement parks, my daughter loves going to tattoo conventions. The proudest I've been with my daughter - concerning with my tattoos - was when I overheard her explaining to her friends how it’s okay to be different, and she used me as an example! I may not be that "successful" in other things but to see her grow with those principles and morals, it is a huge success in life for me!

Not all of my tattoos have an “incredible” meaning or story behind them. If I like something, I get it done. That simple. However, there are three pieces that do have a story. One that changed my life, one that came with an award and one that represents me. The one that changed my life was my first half sleeve by my friend Trick Anciro, which is dedicated to my daughter; Sunday Alicia. The clock represents the time I gave birth to her, and the background was the last movie I watched in the cinema while I was pregnant, which was “Alice in Wonderland”.

The one that came with an award was done by my dearest friend Sunako Maki. I actually convinced her to join the tattoo contests at the 11th International Athens Tattoo Convention because I believe she is such a talented tattoo artist! She was in doubt about it, but it happened. It was my first time to get a tattoo from her, and we ended up winning the 1st Place for “Best Small Dottism”! It was for both of us an award-full moment. Girl Power.

The one that represents me is my chest piece, made by tattoo artist Agelos TFB. This is an inspired piece by the Kalinga tattoo master Whang-od, who I admire as being one of the last traditional hand-poke tattoo artists in the Philippines. By far, it’s my piece that gets most attention. It means a lot to me because it represents the country I am originally from, as well as its traditional value.

I believe that society still has a synonym to tattoos, which means bad news. But having this art on my skin has definitely offered me opportunities and recognition I have never imagined that would happen! I believe without them, I wouldn't be exactly the person who I am today and where life has led me, might have been different.

Name: Hazel Joy Alcantara
Occupation: #momlife.
Place of Residence: Athens, Greece.

How many tattoos do you have? 

Twenty-seven (27). It’s actually my first time to count all of them. 

Which artist(s) did your tattoos?

Trick Aciro, Simoni Gruber (Uncle Chronis Tattoo), Liao, Sunako Maki, Agelos TFB (Honest Tattoo), Sotiria ETF (Eightball Tattoo), Nick Pado (Arcane Tattoo).

Which tattoo is your first and which one was your latest? 

First was an old school flower and latest is my side leg piece. 

Which tattoo is your favourite and why? 

My chest piece – for sure – because it’s an inspired piece by Whang-od!

Which tattoo artist do you admire?

Myke Chambers.

Which tattoo style do you like best? 

Old School.

Do you regret getting any of your tattoos, if so why? 

Love every inch of ink I have on me ♡

Have you done a cover up and if so what exactly?  


Have tattoos affected your life? If so, in what way?  

Yes, in many categories! Daily life it’s given a lot of attention, especially when I’ m with my daughter! Work-wise, it made me look unique and edgy! So mostly good attention.  

Do you have an activity of yours that you would like to mention?

#momlife = 24/7

Hazel wears mini velvet dresses & black crop top by HeartbeatInk Apparel & skull earrings by Kira Don Jewel

Photos by Ino Mei.