Marios Dupont

People - Issue 19

It all started when I got involved with music and especially the extreme sound. You quickly start to get acquainted with the idea of tattoos as many artists have tattoos. In my opinion it is the destiny of each musician who finds another way of expression beyond the lyrics and the music, another element that composes stage appearance especially when you're the frontman of a metal band. For me my tattoos reflect such a story; a life attitude towards everyday appearances, fears and free expression of ideas. I also like that in Greece people have started to be liberated with the idea of having tattoos and it doesn’t bother me at all that “everybody” gets tattooed because I think everyone has something to express through them, and that everybody “supports” this idea differently through his everyday life. Finally I want to say a big thank you for your invitation and support. This is skin of existence... Marios Dupont - Karma Violens - Lucifer's Child.

Name: Dupont Marios
Profession: Singer of Karma Violens & Lucifer’s Child.
Residence: Exarcheia.

How many tattoos do you have? 

Two sleeves.

Which artist(s) did your tattoos? 

Second Skin (Stavros), Ramona Masson (Ink Lady).

Which tattoo is your first and which one was your latest? 

The first was a fallen angel on my arm and the latest one is a ram.

Which tattoo is your favourite and why? 

ALL!!! For their own reasons.

Which tattoo artist do you admire? 

Stavros (Second Skin), Ink Lady, Mike the Athens, Dimitris Chatzis.

Which tattoo style do you like best?

Old School & Japanese.

Do you regret getting any of your tattoos, if so why? 


Have you done a cover up and if so what exactly? 


Have tattoos affected your life? If so, in what way?  

In everything… 

Do you have an activity of yours that you would like to mention? 

Music and a lot of METAL…!!!

*Karma Violens are performing this Friday, 5th of June, at 22:00, at Six Dogs along with Endsight. Entrance: 5 euros.

Photos by Ino Mei.