Erifili Klimi

Girl of the Month - Issue 17

"Tattoo is art, expression, impression of thoughts, beliefs and ideas on you. It's what Johnny Depp has correctly said: "my body is my journal and my tattoos are my story"".

Name: Erifili Klimi
Profession: Student.
Residence: Athens.

Tattooing from heart. This is how I am going to begin. For me, it is not a fashion, but a love that started at age of fifteen somewhere in Heraklion, Crete. Later, while a student in Thessaloniki - independent from my family - my body started having its own story through designs and colors! Red Dragon Tattoo in Peraia was that the studio that "painted" my body for two years! 

Then, it was Athens and Berlin Tattoo Studio that initiated me in what is called as art, design and color. Most of the tattoos I have so far were made at Dionysis’ studio! Some of them are medium sized in several places and I also have some other larger ones, like my left hand which is decorated by an angel, while the other half has some Old School designs. I am not into having a “proper” sleeve; my hand is designed just like I wanted it to be, having various designs without any consistence. Except for Dionysis who for me was, is and will be a top tattooist, this year I had the fortune to meet Constantine Bougas who is now a friend of mine but also a rising star of the Old School tattoo scene. Constantine added a beautiful piece on my left foot in favor of our acquaintance!

However, what I appreciated on this man is that when I told him "I have been wanting to learn too for such a long time and I love Old School so much, but no one wants to show me how to do tattoo", he turned to me and said, "I 'm here"! The day after, I started the lessons by tattooing his own leg! And of course, the best surprise was when he recently made an order for me, including full equipment and supplies! So, we go on this way and hope for the best.
I have to mention that I used to paint icons when I was younger and as a result I have a good relation with design, although it's not just enough. For me you must love and desire what you do, you shouldn't consider it to be “chore” but fun, and when you see the results of your art, your “being” will be completed! Cause tattoo is art, expression, impression of thoughts, beliefs and ideas on you. It's what Johnny Depp has correctly said: "my body is my journal and my tattoos are my story". Tattoo has a long history due to its longtime existence, which anyone could search and find out.

Several "painted" women were storytellers of their times and used to tell stories to the children through their drawings! The reason why I mention this example is the fact that pirates, sailors and prisoners were not the only ones to have tattoos, like my mother keeps saying! I am glad about the people that have tattoos, which represent them, which they love and will never regret about. On the other hand, recent years’ fashion makes me sad, because suddenly everyone has tattoos without knowing the reason why, just for the summer when they take their clothes off or show off their arms! Anyway this is just a fashion and it is going to pass by, just like any other fashion does.

HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine would like kindly to thank Stathis Skentzos for the realisation of the photoshoot and El Convento Del Arte (Virginias Benaki 7, Metaxourgeio) for the hospitality.

Photos by Ino Mei.
Make up by Vasiliki Blck.
Outfit by Ioakeim Mitakos x Fashion Erotokritos.