Lia Kaprini

Girl of the Month - Issue 16

"I think tattoo is a jewel that remains on you forever, something that you will carry on you for all your life... It's a part of you".

Name: Lia Kaprini
Profession: Tattoo Artist - Body Piercer - owner of Sorry Mom Tattoo.
Residence: Kozani.

I had my first tattoo done at age of fifteen, when fairies and elves were big, by a local tattoo artist in the city of Kozani. From the first moment I knew it would be continued. A few months later, I went on with the second one. I admired the art of tattoo since a really young age, and thus I opened my own studio in Kozani. However, tattoo was something difficult for many to accept in the province. There is still the mentality that whoever has a tattoo is an ex - convict or a junkie. Fortunately, this taboo is slowly fading and in my opinion one factor that greatly helps that, is the TV. Because of this wonderful art, I had the opportunity to meet many people and make good friends. The tattoos on my body were done by various artists such as Tzenio, Alex Gotza, George Mavridis, Klodian Luca, Raiden, while I also admire many others who have not 'painted' on me, yet.

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Photos by Ino Mei.
Make up by Feline Blackmoon.
Hair by Georgia Keratsa.