27th Frankfurt Tattoo Convention

Extras - Issue 25

This year was highly emotional for the Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention. It was held for the 27th year, but this was the last time that Tommy Köhler was the frontman of the famous festival, as he is retiring. The man who was the soul of the Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention for 27 consecutive years, and with his long-lasting offer, is clearly a catalyst for the global tattoo community.

The 27th Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention took place in Frankfurt's Messe exhibition centre on Friday the 12the, Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th of April. It hosted over 600 tattoo artists from all over the world and attracted thousands of visitors, while Mexico and Dia de los Muertos were honoured. HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine participated for the 5th consecutive year with its own booth, and the Greek tattoo artists that were working  were numerous, such as Dynoz Art Attack, Chris Papadakis, George Zoris, Makis Tatouages, Sick Rose, Mimoza, Antonis Megas, Christos Katsaitis, Vasilis Dimopoulos, Lauren Feskou, Aber Tattooer, Katerina Kontodima, Joxnny, Manu, Black Stab, Aris Mold, Jannes Jaupis and Simoni Gruber. 

2019 was the last year that the Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention was hosted at Messe's, Halle 5. It's the end of an era, in every aspect. However, we renewed our 2020 appointment for the 28th festival, which will return fresher and to a new venue! It will continue to bring us together, to unite us and to offer us unique moments, honouring the tattoo we love so much. We'll be there. Thank you Tommy, Mike and Micha.

Photos: P. Zed & Ino Mei.
Text: Ino Mei.