"From Darkness to Light" - An art show by Fanis Kapsalidis & Panos Bakas

Extras - Issue 25

HeartbeatΙnk Tattoo Magazine visited the joint exhibition of tattoo artists Fanis Kapsalidis (One Up Tattoo Studio) and Panos Bakas, titled “From Darkness to Light” at Art Zone 42 gallery in Athens. The art show opening took place on Thursday the 1st of November with success, while the exhibition will last until Saturday the 24th of November. The exhibition presents artworks with different techniques by the two artists, while moving on disparate colour pallets. HeartbeatΙnk discussed with the two artists and presents to you some of the art exhibits.

Photos & Interview: Ino Mei.

Your artworks look different at first. How do they co-exist in the "From Darkness to Light" exhibition?

Fanis Kapsalidis: Having a dark theme, I chose to use bright and seemingly joyful colours, because in the "darkness" I had a breath of optimism.

Panos Bakas: The works of both of us have man in our core. They have a common starting point and goal of presenting as much as possible the human situation. The route is different as well as the means, but our artworks "intertwine" with each other fertile and complement each other.

How long did you get to create all the works presented in the exhibition?

Fanis: I've been working a year for this project. The artworks shown in this exhibition are only one piece. I want to be able to show more works in the future so that I can give a more complete picture of my work.

Panos: I chose some of the works I've done in recent years. Those that I thought they served best the purpose of the art show.

Why are all your pieces crafted on wood painting pallets?

Fanis: Wood as a material was a challenge for me. Starting to work on it, despite all the difficulties, I managed to turn it into my own painting palette.

There is an eye present on all your wood painting pallets. Is there perhaps some sort of "voyeurism"?

Fanis: In a sense, we are all "voyeurs" of everyday life. The eye for me, apart from a window of acquaintance and approach to the other, is at the same time a reminder of how easy and perhaps scary it is to expose ourselves in or out of keyholes with the aim of pleasure, criticism or personal affirmation.

Your oil paintings emit something, of course, dark. What emotions do you want to challenge the viewers?

Panos: I invite the viewer to my world, share my point of view with him, my interest in both the subject and its shadow.

Has tattooing affected the way you paint?

Fanis: Tattooing has influenced me from an early age. Several years ago, my personal style in painting was rejected by a gallery, telling me that it resembled tattoo designs. Then I managed to "marry" painting and tattoo (flashart), thus completing my personal style, as any artist has.

Panos: Sure, in recent years! After all, Fanis has done an amazing job - "philosophical tattooing" I call it - on designs that we work together and performs impeccably on me! Mainly dark dotwork, but also realistic, moths, human forms inside buildings, and occult symbols.

What are your expectations from "From Darkness to Light"?

Fanis: I do not know if I can talk about expectations... What I wish to do is to present my work to people, perhaps trouble them a bit, and gather my friends by creating a common place for meeting up that is full of warmth, laughter and alternative entertainment.

Panos: We present a different and, as we believe, an original proposition - collaboration to the public, maintaining faith, that art, in whatever form, can offer a glimpse of light in a dark world.

ArtZone42 Gallery: Leof. Vasileos Konstantinou 42, Athens,  11635.
Art show duration: 1 - 24 November 2018
Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 15:00 - 21:00, Wednesday & Saturday 11:00 - 15:00