26th Frankfurt Tattoo Convention

Extras - Issue 25

Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention is a tattoo institution as it is one of the oldest, largest and most famous tattoo conventions in Europe. HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine participated in the 26th Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention and for the fourth consecutive year visited Frankfurt, Germany. The festival hosted over 600 tattoo artists from around the world and attracted thousands of visitors on Friday the 20th, Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of April at the giant Messe Exhibition Centre.

Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention tends every year to have a different country theme. This year, Romania and the legend of Count Dracula had the honour, and his form was also hand-crafted at the prizes of the tattoo competitions by the well-known Romanian tattoo artist Costi Azoitei. Like every year, this year, there were also Greek tattoo artists participating such as Christos Galiropoulos, Chris Papadakis, Makis Tatouages, George Drone, Dynoz Art Attack, Uncl Paul Knows, Kenlar, Sick Rose, Aber Tattooer, Dead Alex and the tattoo studio Erevos Creations with its tattooers, while HeartbeatInk participated with its own stand.

During these 4 years of visiting Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention, we have received warm hospitality and unlimited appreciation from the organizers; Tommy, Mike and Micha as well as love from the people and the tattoo artists who join the festival from allover the globe. Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention brings us every year together and offers us unique moments with tattoo - that we all love so much - as its epicentre. A huge thank you and our respect to Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention's organising team and of course Tommy Köhler.

Photos & Words: Ino Mei.