5th Cyprus International Tattoo Convention

Extras - Issue 25

This year Cyprus International Tattoo Convention completed five years and welcomed us somewhat renewed and significantly larger. Within the framework of the 5th Cyprus International Tattoo Convention, HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine visited Cyprus for the 3rd consecutive year and recorded the pulse of the successful tattoo festival, while participating in this three-day tattoo feast with its own stand.

The festival was once again hosted in the magnificent stone-built Carob Mill at the old port of Limassol. This year, however, it also occupied a second room, giving more space to the tattoo artists, the tattoo booths and the tattoo supplies as well as the market area where the tattoo contests and live performances took place, while in the middle there was a spacious bar to serve the visitors.

The 5th Cyprus International Tattoo Convention hosted tattoo artists from Cyprus, Greece, Switzerland, Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Poland, Hungary and Lebanon. Throughout the convention we met admittedly some amazing tattoos that were done during the festival, which is not a coincidence, as in the last three years we have been at the Cyprus International Tattoo Convention, we have seen a clear qualitative rise in tattooing. We believe that Cyprus International Tattoo Convention has contributed as an institution to this "blooming" of the Cypriot tattoo and we feel that during the 6th upcoming festival, we will be lucky to enjoy even more wonderful tattoos.

We would like to thank the team of Cyprus International Tattoo Convention for the professionalism, the proper and serious organization and the friendly climate, as well as for the kind invitation and hospitality. We would also like to thank the tattoo community and the tattoo world of Cyprus for the love.

Photos & text: Ino Mei.