25th Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention

Extras - Issue 25

This year, one of Europe's oldest and largest tattoo festivals, the Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention, has completed its 25-year event. HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine visited Frankfurt for the 3rd consecutive year, and attended the festival at the world-renowned exhibition trade center Messe, with its own stand.
On Friday the 21st, Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23d of April, Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention attracted thousands of visitors, while the tattoo artists who participated surpassed the 600! Among them there were the Greek tattooists Christos Galiropoulos, Dynoz Art Attack, Uncl Paul Knows and George Drone, the tattoo studio Makis Tatouages ​​with all its tattooers, as well as Sting Tattoo Studio.

Frankfurt International Tattoo Convention offers us truly wonderful moments every year and has brought us together with outstanding artists and people from the international tattoo community. A big thank you to the organiser Tommy Köhler for his kind invitation and hospitality and congratulations to him and his team on the valuable charity action of the festival.

Words: Ino Mei.
Photos by Panos Zigkiris & Ino Mei.