Le Mondial du Tatouage 2017

Extras - Issue 24

For the third consecutive year HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine takes the pulse of the great feast of tattoo that bears the name "Le Mondial du Tatouage" and takes place in the city of light, Paris.

On Friday the 3rd, Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of March, the beautiful and extra spacious Grande Halle de la Villette opened its doors and welcomed over 30,000 people and hosted 420 tattoo artists from 40 different countries!

The above figures, the professionalism and the excellent organization of the festival from Tin Tin and his associates, as well as the love and preference of the people, makes Le Mondial du Tatouage one of the largest and most successful tattoo conventions worldwide.

Like every year, the festival hosted some tattoo artists from Greece, such as Christos Galiropoulos, Ozone, Dr Pepper, Sake, Siemor, Kostas Tzikalagias, Dimitris Chatzis, Alex Gotza and Aber. While the jury was composed of the notorious Filip Leu, Bill Salmon, Luke Atkinson and Kari Barba.

Photographer: Riccardo Manach (Rockin Ricco).
Assistant photographer: Crystale Godefroy.



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