Blackwork Tattoo

Extras - Issue 22

In Blackwork tattoo, as revealed by the word itself, the guest of honour is black. Sometimes with bold lines, curves, different shapes and dimensions - while occupying important space of ​​the body - and sometimes with more delicate lines, dots, geometric and ornamental motifs. Blackwork tattoo derives from authentic Tribal tattoos and it is a tattoo style that constantly evolves and now tends to include in its ranks Neo Tribal, Dotwork, Geometric and Ornamental. In recent years we distinguish a revival of handpoke tattoo that has partially reinforce the preference of people towards Blackwork tattoo. The truth is that Blackwork tattoos stand out and will remain timeless. HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine presents thirty blackwork tattoos by equally numbered different Greeks tattooers.

Tattoo by Manu / Dermagrafics Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Alex / Dildo Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Tolle' / Eightball Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Kostas Pliakas / Prive Tattoo.

Tattoo by Ners / Nico Tattoo Crew Athens.

Tattoo by Natalie Nox / Dr Pepper Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Orge Kalodimas / Sake Tattoo Crew.

Tattoo by Lonis / Lonis Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Anna Karagkouni / Beautiful People Tattoo.

Tattoo by Bill / Unicorn Tattoo.

Tattoo by Antonis Megas / Uncle Chronis Tattoo Sudio.

Tattoo by Fotis Hatzigeorgiou / RocK N Ink Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Kristina / Pairadice Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Dimitris / Walk the Line Tattoo.

Tattoo by Petros Stathis / Stixi Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Νίκος Παπαδάκος (InkNick) / Monkey Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Petros /  Unicorn Tattoo Corfu.

Tattoo by Sinke / Lonis Tattoo Sudio.

Tattoo by Xara / Pairadice Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Theofanis Kapsalidis / One Up Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Nickolas Avgeris / Luv n Roll.

Tattoo by Wiz / Oktapus Tattoo.

Tattoo by Giannis Barouxis / Popeye Loves Olive (Paroxysm Tattoos).

Tattoo by Meni Kisz / Proki Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Karderina / Circus Tattoo.

Tattoo by Kostis a.k.a Mr.Narrow / Narrow Street Tattoo.

Tattoo by Alfredo / Dildo Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Efthimis Nazo / Soul Tattoo Athens.

Tattoo by Mente / Unicorn Tattoo.

Tattoo by Agelos TFB / Rirual Tattoo Studio.