Cyprus International Tattoo Convention 2016

Extras - Issue 21

The Cyprus International Tattoo Convention will take place for the third consecutive year in Limassol, Cyprus and aspires to become an institution. Pending the festival, HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine spoke with the team of Cyprus International Tattoo Convention and provides you with all the necessary information for the upcoming celebration of the tattoo in Cyprus. The festival will be hosted in Carob Mill Restaurants LTD, Richard Berengaria Ballroom and will run from Friday, April 1st until Sunday, April 3d. HeartbeatInk will be participating at the festival with its own stand.

Interview by Ino Mei.
Photos by Emma Louise.

How did the idea of organizing a tattoo convention in Cyprus occured?  

The idea came up after watching for years all the big cities of Europe and generally around the world organizing tattoo conventions, giving the public the opportunity to see, experience and make contact with both local and international tattooists, to be able to talk with them and exchange ideas, and generally spent a nice weekend full of art and fun! It was something missing from Cyprus and something people wanted.
What were the reasons that led you to the realization of the festival and how easy or difficult was its accomplishement?  

As a lover of the art of tattoo and having in account what mentioned above, the idea came to the table, and the concept of the tattoo convention took form; the first international convention in Cyprus. The implementation might sound and look easy but it’s not at all! It takes time, appetite, knowledge and teamwork!

What were your goals in the beginning and how have they evolved?  

Our initial goal was to get our little Cyprus to know an event of European standards. We started timidly, and every year we make an effort to do a better job, with more attention, so as to always have a quality result.  

Until now what has been the most demanding part in the preparation of the festival?   

I would say the most demanding thing is the work before and during the convention in order to get a great result.

How many tattoo artists will participate in the 3rd Cyprus International Tattoo Convention;  

Around 60 tattooers from Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Romania, Argentina, England, Spain and Scotland.  

What kind of individual events will be included in the organization this year?  

As every year, except for the part of the tattoo, we also have live performances; this year we will host some local bands (Crash  N Burn, The Low Shark), as well as Nightstalker from Greece, John Wu presenting a new hip hop project, Dynarhymes airbrushing bodies, a well-known illusionist / magician from Liotati family and several other shows that will hold the interest of the audience - besides tattoos ofcourse!

How is the world of tattoo in Cyprus? Can we dare to talk about a Cypriot tattoo scene?

Naturally. There is a scene that evolves rapidly; talents that make amazing pieces while the response from the people is tremendous.

Is there a response on behalf of the tattoo artists and is the festival popular among the public?

Ithe response both form the tattooists and the people is huge. Some difficulty occurs with the reservations regarding the tattoo artists, cause the spaces are limited and there is not enough time for everyone. However, the attendance becomes bigger by the year.

What are your expectations from the Cyprus International Tattoo Convention?

Qualitative advancement and recognition in the wider world in order to host even better artists from abroad.

All the Tattoo Artists in alphabetical order:

Agelos TFB - Ritual Tattoo Athens
Alex Fraser - Body Art Tattoo Studio CY
Andreas Vrontis Tattoo Studio CY
Andri Patera - ART Tattoo studio CY
Antonis Megas - Uncle Chroni's Tattoo Studio GR
Charalambos Demetriou - P-Style Tattoo Studio CY
Chris Papadakis - Moth and Rose Tattoo GR 
Christ - Endangered Species Tattoo CY
Christos Galiropoulos – Blackline tattoo GR
Christos Kazazis - ART Tattoo studio CY
Dask Saketattoocrew GR 
Dimitar Atanasov - Evolution tattoo Paphos CY
Dimitris Dimopoulos - Walk The Line Tattoo-Art-Studio GR
Efthymia - Borelluss Tattoo Studio CY
Ferank Manseed - Northside Tattooz
Fiona Fraser - Fiona's Tattoo Studio CY
George Drone
George Zoris - Tats Me Tattoo Studio GR
Giorgos kourmas - TOK tattoo GR
Ilias Efthymiou (9.oat) - Sins & Signs Tattoo Studio
Ivo Stankov - Evolution tattoo Paphos CY
KOMPI - Sixteen Rounds Tattoo Studio
Kostas Baronis PROKI Studio GR
Kostas Tattoo Shop CY
Kostas Tzikalagias - Dirty Roses Tattoo Studio GR 
Kris Fitides - Karma ૐ Tattoo Parlour CY
Lazaros - Ritual Tattoo Athens GR
Manu - Dermagrafics Tattoo Studio GR
Marina Spanou - Limassol Tattoo Crew CY
Matteo Masini - ITALY
Maxi Espino - Buenos Aires
Meta Tron - Sins&Signs Tattoo Studio CY
Michael Gorka - Nemesis Tattoo & Piercing UK
Mikey BoyTattoo - Endangered Species Tattoo
NAST - Tattooligans GR
Nicolas Hasapopoulos - Proki Tattoo Cyprus
Nicole Demetriou - BLACK VOLT CY
Otheser Saketattoocrew GR
Ovi - Proki Tattoo studio
Pande Lee - Dirty Roses Tattoo Studio GR
Panos Georgoulias - GR
Pantelis Michellis - Proki Tattoo Cyprus
PEROS – Tattooligans GR
POW - Sins&Signs Tattoo Studio CY
Prokopis - Sins&Signs Tattoo Studio CY
Prokopis Georgiou TATTOO KINK CY
Remus Adrian - New Art Tattoo Romania
Roza Saketattoocrew GR
Simoni Gruber - Uncle Chroni's tattoo and body piercing
Tas Danazoglou - Endangered Species Tattoo CY 
Uncl Paul Knows (On the road) GR
Uncle Chronis - Uncle Chroni's Tattoo Studio
Valis Delianis - Limassol Tattoo Crew CY
Zolika - Nemesis Tattoo & Piercing UK


Friday 1/4

11:00 Artist set up & registration
13:00 Doors open
18:00 Registration for contests
19:00 Tattoo Contest: (Best Tribal)
20:30 Tattoo Contest (Best of the Day)
23:00 Doors close

Saturday 2/4

10:00 Artist set up
11:00 Doors Open
14:00 Registration for contests
16:30 Aerial Acrodance Show (Enaerio Aerial Acrodance Center)
17:00 Tattoo Contest (Best DOT)
18:00 Tattoo Contest (Best Realistic)
20:00 Tattoo Contest (Best of the Day)
23:30 Doors close

Sunday 3/4​

10:00 Artist set up
11:00 Doors open
13:00 Registration for Tattoo Contest
16:00 John Wu aka Mastermind / Flowmasterz & Dynarhymes 
18:00 Tattoo Contest (Best Black & Grey)
19:15 Tattoo Contest (Best Colour)
20:20 Tattoo Contest (Best of the Day & Best of the Show) 
22:00 Doors close


CYPRUS INTERNATIONAL TATTOO CONVENTION at Carob Mill Restaurants LTD, Richard Berengaria Ballroom, in Limassol. 

On Friday doors open at 13:00 and on Saturday and Sunday at 11:00.


Tickets are sold HERE.

3day ticket: 15€ (advanced sale)
Daily ticket: 10€ (at the cashier)


Facebook Event.