Cover Up Tattoos

Extras - Issue 20

Cover up tattoos are a valuable solution that undoubtedly have saved many people, as it is unpleasant to "carry" on you a tattoo that was not good to begin with, or "faded" over time, or you changed your mind about it later on. Cover ups require mastery because they are not done in "clean" skin and reasonably face further restrictions - technically and when it comes to the design also. HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine presents twenty-four cover up tattoos by equally numbered different Greeks tattooers.

Tattoo by Cido / One Love Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Chris / Moth and Rose Tattoo Shop.

Tattoo by Giannis Antoniou / V Tattoo.

Tattoo by Katakathy / No Toxic.

Tattoo by Vangelis Manousos / Soul Tattoo Athens.

Tattoo by Fotis Hatzigeorgiou / RocK N Ink Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Simoni Gruber / Uncle Chronis Tattoo Studio.


Tattoo by Lonis / Lonis Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Lazaros Brone / Rirual Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Panos Georgoulias / Polis Decay Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Bio Mike / No Remorse Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by ANT.ONE / Prive Tattoo.

Tattoo by Tasos Xy / Uncle Chronis Tattoo Sudio.

Tattoo by Sinke / Lonis Tattoo Sudio.

Tattoo by Alex / Dildo Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by George Apostolopoulos / Crossover Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Theodoros Denekes / Teotattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Jenny / Vida Pirata Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Giannis Barouxis / Popeye Loves Olive (Paroxysm Tattoos).

Tattoo by Theo / Descendink Tattoo.

Tattoo by Tzenio Pirigents / Dildo Tattoo Studio.

Tattoo by Kostas Zisis / Popeye Loves Olive (Paroxysm Tattoos).

Tattoo by Cris / Sake Tattoo Crew.

Tattoo by Kostas / Prive Tattoo.

Tattoo work photographs courtesy of the artists.