Xed Le Head fundraising and how to support

Extras - Issue 20

Xed Le Head is a pioneer of the tattoo. He is considered to be the "father" of Dotwork, and he has influenced a great number of tattooists around the globe. Xed Le Head is undoubtedly a precious part of the tattoo world, while he is beloved to many.  

Xed is currently unable to use his arms and legs due to a severe medical condition. To fund Xed's rehabilitation and procurement of specialist medical equipment and services, it is of high importance that we all - that love the art of tattoo - donate and support Xed. 

This is the official funding account, made with Xed's blessing and created by Clare Deen on July 13.


Further information can be found at:​



Xed Le Head website: http://www.xedtattoo.com

The HeartbeatInk Team wishes Xed a fast recovery and strength to his family that is taking care of him. Our thoughts are with him.

Xed Le Head portrait photo by Ino Mei at Divine Canvas in September 2014.