Xaralampos Potos

People - Issue 3 - 4

I got my first tattoo done back in 1996. In 2010 Kostas (Dirty Roses) started tattooing my back, which was completed in 2011. It took him about 80 hours. My back piece has been awarded in the Athens Tattoo Convention (2011 - Best Large of Show - 3rd place), in Milan (2012 - Best Back Piece - 2nd place), in Rome (2012 - Best Back Piece - 2nd place) and in Florence (2012 - Best Traditional - 2nd place). I want to tattoo my whole body and I totally trust Kostas for this.

Name: Xaralampos Potos
Profession: Private Employee
Residence: Thessaloniki

How many tattoos do you have? 


Which artist(s) did your tattoos?

Kostas Tzikalagias and Alex Gotza (Dirty Roses).

Which tattoo is your first and which one was your latest?

The first one was a tribal on my leg that was given to me by a friend of mine at home. The latest is the one on my instep that was made by Alex Gotza at the Florence tattoo convention of 2012.

Which tattoo is your favourite and why?

My back by Kostas, because it is the largest and most impressive of all my tattoos.

Which tattoo artist do you admire?

Kostas and Alex.

Which tattoo style do you like best?


Do you regret getting any of your tattoos, if so why?


Have you done a tattoo cover up?


Have tattoos affected your life? If so, in what way?


Do you have an activity of yours that you would like to mention?








HeartbeatInk would like kindly to thank 90 Mires Bar (Valaoritou 31 & Syggrou, Thessaloniki) for the hospitality and the realisation of the photoshoot.

Photos by Ino Mei.
Assistant Photographer: Victor Malkievic.