I always wanted to have a tattoo and I enjoyed seeing “colored” people, especially in my style. The decision to start getting tattooed was made ten years ago, without much thinking! I wanted it very much because it was going to mark an era that would change my life - I was just at the time that I had finished my studies. Since then, I am "addicted" and no year passes by without me having another tattoo! It isn't necessary that it means or symbolizes something... Art is art! I think I will never stop having tattoos; it's a way of life for me! I feel lucky to have my husband Fotis Chatzigeorgiou and to work  at  Rock 'n' INK tattoo because I can do whatever I want, whenever I want! Many people ask me "how will you be when you get old?" I find it wonderful to see people ageing full of tattoos, in comparison to “simply” age! For me, it shows how good their life was during their youth! Finally, for those who don't get inked because they’re afraid of regretting, I think that is not true. It is even more likely for them to have some more tattoos done after the first one, than to regret the previous one… Of course, they have to consult the appropriate studio so that they will get a remarkable job done and so that the experience woulb be pleasant overall! 


Name: Reta
Proffesion : Owner of Rock 'n' INK Tattoo Studio.
Residence: Rhodes.

How many tattoos do you have?

Actually, I can’t answer this question accurately because I have some big works on me (like those on my hands and on my right leg), which cannot be considered as one tattoo.

Which artist(s) did your tattoos?

Many different ones, because I started getting tattooed  several years ago, but mainly by Fotis and Costas from Rock 'n' INK.

Which tattoo is your first and which one was your latest?

My first tattoo is a snake that starts from my instep and is being wrapped around my left calf and the latest one is the portrait of Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp) on my right leg.

Which tattoo is your favourite and why?

It is a tattoo gun that I have on my  left chest! This is  really important for me, because it's the first tattoo that my husband (Fotis) ever made. Besides, it says: “My love's first tattoo”.

Which tattoo artist do you admire?

I admire my husband (Fotis Hatzigeorgiou) from Rock 'n' INK because I was next to him from the very beginning. I know the great efforts he has made and that he also loves what he does so much.

Which tattoo style do you like best?

Old School tattoos for ever! Although, I have some portraits on me as well.

Do you regret getting any of your tattoos, if so why?

How can you regret something that is part of your life, your experiences, your family, and so on? No, I never regret and I will continue getting tattooed.

Have you done a cover up?

No, since as I’ve said, each tattoo has its own story that I want to remember.

Have tattoos affected your life? If so, in what way?

I think they’ve influenced rather others' lives… than my own! No, they haven't influenced me!

Do you have an activity of yours that you would like to mention?

Apart from owning Rock 'n' INK tattoo, I'm an English teacher and mother of a sweet little boy! How I do combine them all? Perfectly!


Reta wears dress and sandals from Monsterville clothing store.














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The dress and the sandals that Reta wears in the photoshoot is from Monsterville clothing store (Spyrou Trikoupi 10, Exarcheia).

Photos by Ino Mei.