People - Issue 1

I have never taken part in a tattoo convention competition because I don’t like the whole concept of competitions. My sleeve tattoo was done by Vasso (Eightball Tattoo Studio). It took a year to finish, bit by bit during every session. Every part of it is a part of me… Basically, things that I like and represent me. The padlock in the middle of my chest was also done by Vasso and it represents my ‘’locked’’ heart… No more needs to be said. Mr Raven was done by Sotja (Honest Tattoo), a tribute to Edgar Alan Poe and his poem The Raven: “Clasp a rare and radiant maiden, whom the angels named Lenore? Quoth the raven, Nevermore”. The knuckleduster is by Tasos Sgardelis (Honest Tattoo) and is ‘inspired’ by the fact that many friends call me a ‘tough girl’. My favourite Babushka (of course its proper name is Matryoshka) is from Dimitris Aronis and I did it because I have always liked this kind of doll.

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Name: Nora Ahment
Profession: Tattoo Receptionist at Dermagraphics Tattoo Studio
Residence: Athens

How many tattoos do you have?
More than 20, less than 30…its hard to say!

Which artist(s) did your tattoos?
Dimitris from Dermagraphics, Vasso from Eightball Tattoo Studio, Sotja and Tassos from Honest Tattoo.

Which tattoo was your first and which one is your latest?
My first one was a fairy (which I don’t have anymore), the last one was  a babushka.

Which tattoo is your favourite and why?
You never ask a ‘mother’ to choose her favourite ‘child’!

Which tattoo artist do you admire?
There are so many that this sheet of paper isn’t enough to write them down!

Which tattoo style do you like best?
Old School to the bone.

Do you regret getting any of your tattoos? If so, why?
For my first one, I was young and didn’t know better! Hahaha :P

Have you done a tattoo cover up?
I have covered up my first one (the fairy) with an owl

Have tattoos affected your life? If yes, in what way?
Not my life, probably just the way strangers look at me…

Is there an activity of your that you would like to mention?
Yes…party animal hahahah :P








Photos by Ino Mei.