Giannis F.

People - Issue 1

My left leg has a Maori design. It was done in two sessions by Kostas Tzikalagias (Dirty Roses) in 2006. My right leg has a Japanese design of a Koi fish with a Tibetan mask and a lotus and it was completed at the first Tattoo Convention in Athens in 2007, where it was also crowned best of the show. My left arm also has a Japanese design, a Tibetan skull, a Geisha, a flower and a symbol and was done during three sessions by Kostas in 2008. My side also has a Japanese design by Kostas, completed a year ago, and is a Mahakala  which was done during about 5-6 sessions.


Name: Giannis F.
Profession: Fine Arts Student
Residence: Thessaloniki

How many tattoos do you have?

Which artist(s) did your tattoos?
Kostas Tzikalagias and Alex Gotza at Dirty Roses.

Which tattoo was your first and which one is your latest?
My first is a Maori tattoo and the latest is a Japanese one on my side.

Which tattoo is your favourite and why?
I love all of them and they are all special for different reasons.

Which tattoo artist do you admire?
Kostas and Alex from Dirty Roses and everyone who keeps trying to evolve.

Which tattoo style do you like best?
Maori, Japanese and ‘New’ Old School.

Do you regret getting any of your tattoos? If so, why?
I regret the ones I haven’t done yet!

Have you done a tattoo cover up?
I have covered up a scarred Japanese symbol.

Have tattoos affected your life? If yes in what way?
They have probably affected the lives of others rather than mine…

Do you have an activity of yours that you would like to mention?
I am preparing an exhibition with sculptures - constructions and a hand-made Chopper.







HeartbeatInk would like kindly to thank 90 Mires Bar (Valaoritou 31 & Syggrou, Thessaloniki) for the hospitality and the realisation of the photoshoot.

Photos by Ino Mei.
Assistant Photographer: Victor Malkievic.