Miss Bloody Mary

Girl of the Month - Issue 5

"For me, tattoo is a way of living, not a simple fashion… I think that it  is a reflection of the personality and experiences that anyone has ... Something that "marked" you, something you don’t want to forget or just something that makes you happy"!

Name: Miss Bloody Mary
Profession: Tattoo Studio Owner & Body Piercer / Burlesque Performer.
Residence: Toul, France.



I had my first tattoo ‘shot’ at the age of ‘sweet sixteen’, in 1997.  It's a big  tribal style spider on my back and the guy who did it was Tas, who was at that time working at the private tattoo studio of Mike the Athens in Palaio Faliro. That was the reason for me to  start getting initiated  and addicted into the world of tattoo.

Within the following two years, I had two more tattoos done on my left and right arm, which were covered up afterwards. My left hand was covered by a new school panther from K.Ntovas in 2011 (when he was working at Tattooland). My right hand was covered in 2007 by flowers and skulls in a new school style as well, by Christos ‘Panther’ (Skinetic).


DSC_7806 DSC_7927


Then my right arm was turned out to become a ‘sleeve’ by two different artists. In 2008 I had a "rockabilly" guy with a double bass in cartoon style done by Manolis (Black Rose). In 2009 Ntovas ‘shot’ me some old school classic designs that totally represent the music that I love: a butterfly and a ‘dagger’ where it’s written ‘Trouble Loves Me’ (because it loves me indeed), cemeteries and bats, a zombie pin-up and hands that come out of graves holding rock n’ roll microphones.

Moving a bit lower, I have a biomechanical on my waist. It was made in 2007 by Teo (Skinetic). I think that this part of the body  bootlicks the female body.



I have a classic pin-up design of Gil Elvgren on my left leg -one of my favorite tattoos-, made by Pavlos Sanozides (Tattooland). We made it during the Grefrath Tattoo Convention of Germany on 2010. Two years later, during the same Tattoo Convention, Pavlos did a realistic design on my other leg, the super-hero ‘Vampirella’ from a horror-comic of 1969. A bit lower, and going on with the ‘horror’ style, I am having some tears-stitches by Michy Creations from France. On the calf of the same leg, I have the first tattoo of a friend of mine, Rebellos, which was made at ‘Skinetic’ in 2006.

Finally, the most recent and one of my favorite tattoos as well, is a broken mirror on my left hand, which reflects a mini magic filter bottle  ‘Potion No 9’. Theo Zinas (Queen of Rings) made this to me last February in Rotterdam and its style is new traditional.








HeartbeatInk would like kindly to thank Tiki bar (Falirou 15, Makrigianni, Athens) for the hospitality and the realisation of the photoshoot.

Photos by Ino Mei.