Maris Remmel

Girl of the Month - Issue 8

"Tattoo is a wonderful art form. Of course I want to get more tattoos. But I have time, I'm young and I have a lot of patience".

Name: Maris Remmel
Profession: Proki Tattoo Studio Shop Manager / Body – Piercer.
Residence: Athens.



My name is Maris and I am twenty six years old. I was born in Estonia. I came to Greece when I was eighteen years old. I love Greece. I have a wonderful family. I have a loving husband, who loves and cares for me very much. His name is Kostas Baronis aka Proki; a good man who makes me really happy. I also have two beautiful dogs. I love them so much. They are like my children! My husband is a tattoo artist; Proki and we have a tattoo shop, called Proki Tattoo Studio in Peristeri (Athens). Our shop is great and our team is amazing. I love my boys so much. I am the store manager and also do body – piercing and remove tattoos.

When I came to live in Greece, I had no tattoos! Now I have nine tattoos. Tattoo is a wonderful art form. All of my tattoos are done by Kostas Baronis / Proki. He does exactly the style that I enjoy the most. Of course I want to get more tattoos. But I have time, I'm young and I have a lot of patience. My favorite tattoos are those of my dogs; my cute babies. My favorite tattoo artists are Kostas Baronis, Geroge Mavridis, Dimitriy Samohin, Randy Engelhard and Moni Marino.

Love ink and get tattooed! Live life to the fullest. You Only Live Once!


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Photos by Ino Mei.