"My relationship with the art of tattoo started quite early... I was fourteen, when my mother decided to give me a somewhat 'unusual' gift... By then I knew that this was only the beginning"! 

Name: Evelyn
Profession: Nail Artist – Body Piercer.
Residence: Athens.


At the age of sixteen I became involved with body piercing, firstly as an amateur, but then I looked into it and I attended seminars, while I a have recently started working with dermal modification. At the same time, I am also a nail artist, which is something that I really love, because I love anything that allows me to create! In addition, since I was five years old, I have been horse riding and I adore it. I really think that there is something on the outside of a horse that affects the inside of the man in a positive way...

My love for tattoos started long before I had my first tattoo done. Since a really young age, I used to write on me with pen the names of the bands that I was listening to, in order to show other people that I had a 'tattoo'. Now, this art form has got into my life for good and I could never see myself differently.

I am currently inspired by people who manage to offer me inspiration, things that have marked me when I was growing up, music and movies that excite me. Fortunately, I was lucky that the artists that tattooed me so far are tattooists whose work I admire and whose style represents me. Most of my tattoos are done at Unicorn Tattoo; a studio that during the last five years has earned my trust, as in my opinion the whole crew is improving with time.

I think that tattoo art “spreads” over very quickly and many amazing artists have emerged. However, the fact that everybody appears to want the 'tattoo artist' title, it is something that I don't really like. Anyway, the only certain thing as far as I am concerned, is that my journey into the tattoo world will continue… Stay tuned!
















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HeartbeatInk Tattoo Magazine would like kindly to thank Bourbon Bar (Daskaroli 67, Glyfada) for the hospitality and the realisation of the photoshoot.

Photos by Ino Mei.
Make up by Feline Blackmoon.

Nails by Evelyn.
Clothes from Sexy Things.