The Darkstar

Bands - Musicians - Issue 6

Committed to rock n' roll and with having just released  a fantastic new album, The Darkstar spoke to HeartbeatInk about their journey through the Greek music scene, their album “Our Darkest Secrets”, as well as their tattoos.


What kind of music do The Darkstar play?

We have tried a lot to describe our music and if we had to ‘categorise’ it, we would say we play modern day rock n’ roll. We didn’t choose it, it just happened. Basically it’s a mix of various musical influences.

Would you like to mention some of those influences?

Faith No More, Helmet, Motorhead, Refused.
When was the band formed?

The Darkstar formed in 2004. Since then, the line-up of the band hasn’t remained the same, various of our members have changed and there have also been some small breaks. Nevertheless we continue to play until today. We like expressing our feelings through music and sharing beautiful moments between us and with our audience.

Why is it that, even though you have been a band for nine years, your first full-length record was released this year?

When the band started, apart from the different line-up, our sound was a lot closer to hardcore and even old-school music. Then various members changed and we went in a different direction, the sound became more modern and the arrangement was different. So in 2008 we had the recording of our first demo and in 2010 we entered the studio to start the production of our first album. During that period we came up against many obstacles: more changes to our line-up, our jobs, parallel musical projects and we wasted valuable time on mixing, about two years to be exact, until we decided how we wanted it to sound. Of course don’t forget that we weren't under pressure by anyone and we generally dealt with it loosely and freely.

What is the style of “Our Darkest Secrets” and what are your expectations?

It really is hard to verbally describe the style of this record, anybody can listen to it and it might remind him of many different things. As far as our expectations are concerned, of course we would like our record to be successful. But since we like it ourselves, we are already pleased.


What are your unquestionable highlights of your journey so far?

All the beautiful times we have shared with bands from abroad like Sick of it All, Poison the Well, Norma Jean, Converge and also with bands from here like Nightstalker, Lord 13, Rockin Bones, Mahakala and more.

Have you played many gigs?

From the moment the band was formed, we started playing live, so we have played many gigs. Amongst others, we have shared the stage with Avril Lavigne, Agnostic Front, Converge, Cataract, Angel Crew, Backfire, Stretch  Armstrong, Murphy’s Law, Sick of it all and many more.

How does the Greek scene treat its bands and how do the bands treat the Greek scene?

It is a very strange relationship which, luckily, has started changing over the past few years. There has been a denial all these years and a sense of reserve from both sides which did only harm to the Greek music scene as a whole. This atmosphere has thankfully started changing. Of course, the fact that the level of music from bands here at home has improved a lot has also contributed.


How many of you have tattoos?

Three out of four of us have tattoos. The two are actually fanatic tattoo lovers.

Kostas how many tattoos do you have?

I have eight tattoos. I consider the sleeve as one tattoo. Some are bigger and some are smaller.



When did you get your first tattoo and which one is it?

I got it in 2004 on my leg but I never finished it!

Which do you consider are the most important of your tattoos?

The sleeve on my right arm by Kostas Tzikalagias (Dirty Roses) is the most significant. At first it started small and in time it “grew”… My sleeve was probably a challenge for Kostas (it was hard to persuade him to do it), because he wanted a more traditional Japanese tattoo, while I wanted it more American style with a lot of colour! In the end he did it they way id imagined it.





What would you say about the rest of your tattoos?

I wanted an angelic face looking at the logo of our band on my left arm. This design is not part of Kostas’ usual work. He really had to be pushed to do that one too (laughs), but he did it perfectly!


I have a microphone with two roses on my back and a sheet of parchment that says rock n’ roll, also by Kostas. He did it again perfectly although it is an Old School design (laughs).


I wanted a concept design with the lyrics from our new record “Our Darkest Secrets” on my chest, which Sotja (Honest Tattoo) did.


Sotja also tattooed my left arm. It is a witch being burnt at the stake in medieval style and a woman’s face in Victorian style.



I have a small robot on my left elbow, a bolt of lightning and a small face. My good friend Jim Dallas did those for me, he is an artist and only does he own “characters”.



Jim P has been featured on HeartbeatInk's first issue as a tattoo collector.

*The Darkstar are performing their new record “Our Darkest Secrets” on Thursday 7 November live at AN Club. Alongside them Bombing The Avenue and Acoustic Covers When Punk Rock Brothers will perform.

HeartbeatInk would like kindly to thank cafe bar Pairidaeza (Parnassou 3, Karitsi Square, Athens) for the hospitality and for the realisation of the photoshoot.

Photos & interview by Ino Mei.