Artists - Studios - Issue 2

Medusa Tattoo first opened in 1995 by Vasilis Exarchos in Exarcheia. After 15 years on Kallidromiou Street, the studio moved to Solomou Street in 2010. Many great artists have been through the studio during these past 18 years. Now, the studio is comprised of 8 individuals, 5 of which are tattoo artists.

Vasilis has been doing tattoos since 1993. He doesn’t distinguish between any tattoo style. He does them all.

Bill 1

bill 3

bill 4 

bill 6

bill 5

bill 7

Bill 2

Jay started in 1997 and specializes in New School Tattoos.

jay 1 

jay 2

jay 3

jay 4

Skeryone has been a tattoo artist since 2008 and specializes in Black n’ Grey Tattoos.

yone 1

yone 2

yone 3

Selina has been doing tattoos since 2009 and specializes in Colour & New School Tattoos

selina 1

selina 2

selina 3

Marios started in 2010 and specializes in New School Tattoos.

mario 3 

mario 1

mario 2

Jamp: Body Piercer
Kostas: Apprentice Tattoo Artist
Nikolaos: Shop Manager

*Medusa Tattoo plans to open a tattoo studio in Germany in the near future.

Crew Photo by Ino Mei.