Black Dog Tattoo Collective

Artists - Studios - Issue 27

Black Dog tattoo collective was founded in 2017 through the need of a group of tattoo artists, to open their own space, which would create a different working condition for its members, compared to any other in the field until then in Greece. .

The idea behind this project is to create a relationship that focuses on the team and not on the individual, an environment in which one can learn from the other and evolve on his art.

The goal of Back Dog tattoo collective is to build a working day on the subject of tattooing, which will promote equality of members, freedom of expression and aesthetics, cooperation and responsibility of all to all.

An important factor for the studio is the respect for the diversity of each person. At the same time, it seeks to collaborate with guest artists from Greece and abroad who embrace the same values, in order to be able to express and interact different artistic views.

The resident tattoo artists are Joxnny, Lauren, Aris Mold and George Thirst.

Photos by Ino Mei

Joxnny does avant garde, abstract and geometric tattoos.

Lauren is into minimalism, architectural and deconstruction.

Aris Mold does neo traditional/newschool, geometric and heavy blackwork tattoos.

George Thirst does blackwork and bold traditional.

Gwyn the dog is into abstract barking, incoherent pondering, and she is voracious.