Rock N Ink Tattoo Studio

Artists - Studios - Issue 24

Rock n Ink Tattoo Studio is located in the city of Rhodes and was founded by Fotis Chatzigeorgiou in April 2013. Since then, it has been operating in a very vintage inspired space in the city centre, hosting other tattoo artists as well. The crew consists of 5 key people: Fotis and Criss who are tattoo artists, Pan Skin who is a body piercer, Maria who does permanent make-up and is also a tattoo removal specialist, and Reta who is a the shop manager and receptionist.

At times, other tattoo artists visit the studio and do guest spots, mostly from other countries, such as Sergio Corcoles who is from Spain and works at the studio twice a year.

At Rock n Ink Tattoo Studio, you can chose from Old School & Traditional American tattoos, Black & Grey, Realistic, Japanese, Polynesian, Dotwork and Custom Lettering tattoos to tebori! The studio also provides semi-permanent makeup, body piercing, and tattoo removal with modern laser method.

The crew of Rock n Ink Tattoo Studio visits several tattoo conventions every year in Greece and abroad to keep up-to-date on everything new in the tattoo field and to always evolve for the better.

Words & Crew Photos: Rock n Ink Tattoo Studio.

Fotis Hatzigeorgiou has been tattooing professionally since 2011. He does all sorts of tattoo styles, with a special preference for the Old School tattoo, while he is a graduate of Vakalo in the field of graphic design.

Criss started tattooing in 2012 and specializes in Old School & American Traditional Tattoo as well as in Lettering.