Moth and Rose Tattoo Shop

Artists - Studios - Issue 23

Moth and Rose Tattoo Shop was founded in April 2014 by Chris Papadakis in relation to traditional tattooing. The crew currently consists of six members; five tattoo artists and a body piercer, while covering with great success all the aspects of traditional style, along with others styles too. So far more than thirty awards have been won in some of the biggest tattoo conventions in Europe and Greece.  

Classic Tattooing, Modern Tattooing, Neo-Traditional, Blackwork, Black & Grey and Custom Lettering are the styles that Moth and Rose's tattoo artists specialize in. Professional Body Piercing and Body Modification is also being practiced at the studio. 

The last three years the members of Moth and Rose Tattoo have been travelling all over Europe for guest spots and tattoo conventions, collecting experiences and evolving their technique. Moth and Rose Tattoo is located in Peristeri at 4 Theofrastou Street.

Words: Moth and Rose Tattoo Shop.
Crew Photos by Ino Mei.

Chris Papadakis specializes in Traditional American Tattoo.

Aber specializes in Neo-Traditional Tattoo.

Blvck Stab specializes in Blackwork.

Jay specializes in Custom Lettering and Black & Grey Tattoo.

Εvangelos Makris specializes in Classic Tattoo.

Evi does Body Piercing and Body Modification.