Circus Tattoo

Artists - Studios - Issue 21

With much love for the art of tattoo and body piercing Circus Tattoo opened its doors in Piraeus in 2013, at 178 Praxitelous Str. by Dimitris Mikros, wanting to give a different feel and attitude to the concept of tattoo. The Circus Tattoo team now consists of Dimitris Mikros (TAZ) - body piercing, Katerina Drakoulaki (KARDERINA) - tattoo artist, George Tsolakis (GLVR) - tattoo artist and Kostas Arapoglou (CHOCO) - tattoo apprentice. A place that respects all sanitary regulations with sterile instruments, disposable needles, earrings from titanium and surgical steel.

Words: Circus Tattoo.
Crew Photos by Ino Mei.

Katerina Drakoulaki (KARDERINA) has been involved professionally with tattoo since 2014 with particular preference for New School, Old School and Geometric tattoos. She is a D.T.P. & Web Publishing Design graduate of the school of AKTO.


George Tsolakis (GLVR) has been involved professionally with tattoo since 1995. He particularly prefers cartoon style and colour tattoos while doing all other tattoo styles.

Dimitris Mikros (TAZ) is professionally involved with body piercing since 2011.

Kostas Arapoglou (CHOCO) came in contact with tattoo the last two years. He's an apprentice tattoo artist at Circus Tattoo since October 2015 with particular preference in realistic black & grey designs.