Uncle Chronis Tattoo

Artists - Studios - Issue 19

One of the oldest teams in the field of tattoo and body piercing, is based in Cholargos. Chronis "Uncle" Politis, Pantelis Michailidis, Tasos Xydeas, Simoni Gruber, Nastazia Terzoglou, Antonis Megas and Ilias Apostolakis can be found at the Uncle Chronis Tattoo & Body Piercing, on 248 Mesogion Avenue in Cholargos, near the metro.

We provide high quality tattoo and body piercing / modification services, specializing in custom designs, freehand, realistic, cover up and doting tattoos, as well as particular projects / modifications in reference to body piercing.

Hospital level sterilization, recognized professionals with over ten years of experience and a space that covers all health regulations, are some of the features that make any visitor feeling comfortable and safe from the moment he passes the door and sees our space.

Words: Uncle Chronis Tattoo.
Crew Photo by Ino Mei.

Tasos Xydeas (Tasos Xy) has been professionally tattooing since 2002. He undertakes all tattoo styles with particular preference in a Realistic Black & Grey and full Colour tattoo.

Simoni Gruber is a tattoo artist since 2007. She specializes in Colour tattoo with Neo Traditional elements.

Antonis Megas has been professionally tattooing since 2012. He specializes in Neo Traditional, Dotwork and Realistic tattoo with graphic elements.

Pantelis Michailidis has been a professional body piercer for 19 years.

Chronis "Uncle" Politis has been professionally involved with body piercing / body modification
for the last 15 years.

Nastazia Terzoglou is receptionist and apprentice body piercer.

Ilias Apostolakis is apprentice tattoo artist.