Dermagrafics Tattoo Studio

Artists - Studios - Issue 17

In November 1998, at a time when there was a strong social prejudice against the "owners" of tattoos, Dimitris Aronis together with his brother Apostolis decide to open Dermagrafics Tattoo Studio. So the first professional tattoo studio with a valid state authorization becomes a reality in Athens and more specifically in Koridallos! After 17 years of continuous development and experience in tattooing, Dermagrafics continues to offer highly professional services by focusing on the demands of the customers, as well as the excellent hygienic workplace. The result of all the above was the advent of the second Dermagrafics Tattoo Studio in June 2014.

Dermagrafics Tattoo Studio I is located in Koridallos, in 40 Ilias Street and its crew consists of 5 tattoo artists; Dimitris Aronis, Miss Litsa, Manu, Meiz and Kiko, and Yarek, who is an apprentice. The body piercing is done Apostolis Aronis and the shop manager is Nora. 

Dimitris Aronis is a tattoo artist since 1998 and specializes in Dotwork and Old School.

Miss Litsa began tattooing in 2007. She does all the styles, with a special love in Realistic tattoos. She also specializes in permanent makeup

Manu has been a tattoo artist since 2010 and specializes in Polynesian, Maori and linework.

Meiz has been tattooing since November 2011 and does all tattoo styles, with an emphasis on realistic, and cover up.

Kiko is tattoo artist from March 2012 and specializes in more «girly» themes, watercolour, and permanent makeup.

Yarek started as apprentice in Dermagrafics Tattoo Studio I in November 2014 and is a great fan of realistic.

Body Piercing: Apostolis Aronis.
Shop Manager / P.R.: Nora.

Photos from Dermagrafics Tattoo Studio II new space.

Dermagrafics Tattoo Studio II is also in Koridallos, in 26 Taxiarchon Street and its crew consists of the tattoo artist Agelos TFB, Johnny Raindog, who is a tattoo apprentice, Apostolis Aronis, who does the body piercing and Mary at the position of the shop manager. 

Agelos Tfb started doing tattoos in late 2012 and specializes in Oriental, Sacred and Geometric.  

Johnny Raindog started as apprentice in Dermagrafics Tattoo Studio II in September 2014. He especially loves New Traditional and Old School tattoos.

Body Piercing: Apostolis Aronis.
Shop Manager / P.R.: Maria.

Crew & Shop Photos by Ino Mei.

Words: Dermagrafics Tattoo Crew.