Destiny Tattoo

Artists - Studios - Issue 16

In 2011, after twelve years in the field of tattoo, Paul Doxas decided to find his "destiny" in a space in Nea Smirni. He initially started alone and then with the help of his brother Peter and his friend Andreas, Destiny Tattoo began to operate. In 2013 Kiki enters the team. All of them aim high quality and creativity in their every step.

Paul first came in contact with the field of tattoo fifteen years ago. Today he hosts at his studio old and new friends, while he keeps reminding and showing everyone his preference in Japanese and New School tattoo style.

Andreas decided to get involved with the art of tattoo in 2012. He has a graphic design knowledge and his love for comics and the colours are what make him engaged mainly in Comic and Abstract tattoos.

Kiki is the newest member of the team. She also found her "destiny" in 2013, when she started being involved with tattooing, while showing a particular interest in Realism and Neo Traditional.

Peter is the one who will help the customer with his ideas. He is also the one who will take care for the smooth operation of the studio. Since 2013, Peter is also body piercer.

Crew Photos by Ino Mei.