One Love is an art space founded with the aim of bringing together a collective of artists, each moving freely and lovingly in their own field. As a whole, we aim for high quality, honesty – chiefly for ourselves and therefore for our client – and creativity. 

Words: George Binas.
Photos: Ino Mei.

It all began in 2012 in the National Technical University of Athens’ student halls by me and Christos Georgiou. We had just finished working at another studio and, armed with valuable knowledge we gained mainly from George Sidoriadis (Cido), we had already started discovering the first steps of tattoo. I created a cyber environment on a page about what was going on and Christos wouldn’t leave the paper and the tattoo machine down for a second. Our first appearance as One Love was in the summer of 2012 on the island of Ios to an open-minded audience of Australians with valuable help from Far Out’s manager Spyros Gikas.

After hard work, in March 2013, our space in Melissia (P.Tsaldari and D.Psatha 21) spread smiles, colour and holes! In our colourful space one can get imaginative and quality custom tattoos or piercings, borrow books from our library, buy prints and canvases or clothes and accessories from Luv n Roll which is our clothing brand, or even “order” an illustration for an entire wall! I would like to point out that no client gets a tattoo without proper prior discussion with the manager and that we do not take on the work every time, especially if we disagree artistically with the client. 

The studio is made up of 2 professional tattoo artists, 4 apprentices, 1 professional body piercer, as well as our art director who offers valuable help regarding graphics, printing and screen-printing. Finally I hold the position of manager and organize all the different elements of the studio for a smooth run.

Cido, aka Georgios Sidoriadis, successfully graduated for the Athens School of Fine Arts and moved from Alexandroupoli in order to fully take up painting. In the end, in 2009, he began his career as a tattoo artist to which he has now fully given himself. He is truly capable of everything, with a great love for Black & Grey and for a more natural design. 

Deathpop, aka Christos Georgiou, paints and plays electronic games as far as he remembers himself. He successfully graduated from the Technological Institute of Athens with a degree in Automation and his love for machines and aliens is hard to hide. His trump card is his amazing design ability and his great imagination. He specializes in colour, New Traditional, New School and Biomechanical / Bioorganical tattoos.

Michalis Kyrtatas is an amazing character who has been tattooing since 2012. Even though he is at the apprenticeship stage, he already stands out for his unique and surreal designs. He mainly does scratcher and watercolour tattoos.

Nikolas Avgeris is a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts, with a great interest in the study of painting. He has been tattooing for a short while and is already showing satisfactory signs of understanding his new tool. You should await great things from him. 

Koem, aka Manos, after graduating with a degree in Interior Decoration he was an amateur tattooist for a year. He has been with us since January 2014 and is now under the tutelage of the pros. He loves very stylised designs and his inspiration is more towards Graffiti and street culture.

Kostas Dimopoulos decided to get into the art of tattooing in 2013, when he was 45 years old, after meeting our team in Ios. He holds an Interior Design degree from Vakalo Art and Design College and is also knowledgeable in graphic design and airbrushing. His determination and steady line are his strong points. He is under the firm tutelage of Cido and is a very promising artist in the field of Old School tattoos. Finally, he is responsible for the smooth function of the studio.

Don, aka Giannis Ontos, is the studio’s colonel! An ex Special Forces Lieutenant, he has been doing body piercing and body modification for five years. He shows exceptional composure and dedication to the work he has chosen, as well as anything to do with the smooth function of the studio. A true piercing artist, with correct healings, imaginative new body spots and understanding of the client, he has become the happy break of a difficult a week and the renewal we all seek. His aim is to make a name for himself regarding quality, not only in body piercing but also body modification.

Αrt Director / Graphic Designer / Screenprinter: Pavlan

Pavlan, aka Pavlos Christou, is a graphic designer, silk-screener in the Silk Bastards, a bearded biker and lover of the “beautiful & virtuous”. He is the latest addition to One Love and Luv n Roll. He holds a degree in Graphic Design from the Athens Technological Institute and has worked for well known biking and car magazines for a number of years. He has been working as a freelance graphic designer for the past few years and is now responsible for the branding of One Love and also for all the designs that are to be printed on canvas, paper, t-shirts and jumpers for Luv n Roll.

Manager / CEO (?) / Master of the universe: Binas

George Binas was in the top ten admitted to the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the National Technical University of Athens and was obviously born for business. Always in motion and ready for new “journeys”, he loves creating an atmosphere and spiritually immersing himself in everything. His role is multilateral since his roles included that of advertiser, financial manager, human resources manager, general manager, client psychoanalyst and in-house clown. They say he is living proof that aliens exist!